Honesty Days

Honesty Days


  1. My day was made when I went to a favorite sandwich shop and hadn’t been there for probably six months.  Although the sandwich was awesome, it was that little blonde gal behind the counter that rocked my day!  She still remembered the way I like my sandwich and my name. Seriously put a smile on my face.  🙂
  2. I’d like to find a therapist/personal trainer/chef to come live with me for free.  I’d like it to be just one person with all those talents.  Any takers?
  3. Not posting much this month, sorry about that.  Not sure how much to share and also not being motivated to write.  Work in progress.
  4. My kids.  When I say my kids I don’t mean the three girls that call me Mom.  I mean the son-in-laws and grandkids too. They really do make such a difference in my life when we can all be together. Those of you with kids still at home, this will be something you love in the future!
  5. Juggling three-part time jobs is harder than I anticipated but I got this.  I can do it!  Say it with me!  Cheer me on! 🙂
  6. We are grateful for the side jobs that hubs has lined up.  God works in really awesome ways, every day, not just when we need Him too.
  7. It’s Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday and I haven’t chosen something to give up for Lent.  I feel this year tired and unsure but I feel drawn to give up something.  Thinking… thinking…. thinking…. what would be a struggle for me??? I don’t want to give up something easy, Jesus didn’t have it easy by any means!
  8. The creative & motivated mindset of my 7-year-old is truly amazing to me.  At 7, I was nowhere near thinking up and creating the things she does.  I hope her Dad and I are good enough parents to allow her to spread her wings and teach her right; all at the same time!
  9. Girl scout cookie time is upon.  Wouldn’t be so bad but I will soon have several boxes of those things in my house.  Glaring at me.  Enticing me.  Inviting me.  WILLPOWER NEEDED!  
  10. I’m glad the Denver Broncos won.  Not that I’m a football fan, it just makes me think of my Dad.  He was a big Broncos fan! 🙂
  11. Life insurance.  Kids need it too.  Honest truth.  Buy it now as a gift or to insure they will be able to get it as an adult.  I did for my kids when they were young and now my grand-kids too! 🙂

Grace is a gift,


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