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Women in Combat

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There has been a great deal of media talk about women in combat lately.  I thought I would share how my own thinking has gone through a process to determine my view. This isn’t a post to “start a war” so to speak, but feel free to comment with your own opinions and beliefs in a respectful manner.

I will begin with the fact that I believe females can do a great many things that their male counterparts can.  Continue to read the post to find out where I stand on women in combat, it could surprise you.

When the topic first came up I went to my husband and asked his thoughts on it.  His response is what I expected and of course I got my defense up. And continued the conversation much longer than he would have liked I’m sure.  I assumed he didn’t want women in combat because he has a daughter, two step-daughters, and a grandaughter that he would never ever want hurt. That protective Daddy kinda thing ya know.

I decided that I wanted an opinion of someone who had been on the front lines that I could trust.  A male counterpart that I respect and knew I would keep my ” female defense mechanism” in check.  I found my way to a close relative.  He served in the military as a Marine from 2010 to 2014.  We had the conversation with our entire family at the dinner table, so you can imagine opinions were all over the place!

But I kept my focus on our conversation because I was determined to hear him out.  He had served in Afghanistan  for several months.  He was at the front lines, he has seen it up close and personal (unfortunately).   He also mentioned that there are positions that females already hold that are combat related, he didn’t keep this from my civilian mind.

The Marine explained to me, in a non-arrogant manner I might add, the reasons he feels the way he does.  I walked away from the conversation with a more aware mindset and pondered his information for a few days.

Speaking with him, in turn calmed some of my defensive ways and I find myself moving towards the right to not want females in combat.  It isn’t necessarily one “thing” that determined my view.  It wasn’t just my religious views, the fact that I have 3 daughters, or females are incapable.

A  particular statement brought me to the forefront of my opinion I think.   If a male has certain requirements for being in combat and then those should not be altered for females.  If we are going to be “females can do anything a male can do” mindset it should be equal and of the same level.   Even if a female can physically prepare for combat at the same level as males I still would not agree.

Here’s why I think this way, females are wired differently than males. ( Especially the one writing this post, but we will talk emotions/mindsets another day!)  Even the ladies that are less emotional or pump iron I still wouldn’t want them in the front lines.   By the way, I’d rather no human being in the front lines.  I’d like them all safe at home raising families, living life, and peace on earth.  Unfortunately the world is getting farther away from that scenerio! God created men and women differently.  That’s all there is to it. So, I do not feel women should be in combat.

I still want to express a few things.  Don’t leave just yet!  I still feel that women have the ability to hold many positions, do many physical type jobs, and manage things (sometimes) better than their male counterparts in the world today. I was raised by a woman that could out work any man physically until the last 20 years of her life, I have seen it not only in her but other aspects of work and women.   I just do not agree with women in combat.  And that is my right.

I am an American and I have many wonderful rights.  I am able to vote for our leaders, work where I please, practice my religion freely, and so many other things due to the freedom that has been granted to me.   Those that serve our country I am ever so grateful to for this.  Between God and and them what would America have?


What I choose to do as an American is shown on a daily basis.   Just as my opinion on the topic at hand changed due to input from others, each one of us influences others.  So, as Americans, let’s reflect and influence in a respectful and positive manner.  You just never  know who you might be giving new knowledge to.

Grace is a gift,



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