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Farm Post Friday- 4/15/16 -Corn Grinding

combine farmer wheat

One day this week I was able to witness my husband grind corn for the cattle feed.  The cattle will soon be sold except for a couple we keep back for our own families to eat.  Since we are not sure of exactly when they will be gone we are currently grinding corn more often then before.  We do this so we do not end up with more than is needed.

Our handy dandy tractor and Gehl grinder. You can’t see it but the  tractor actually  powers the grinder.

Corn Grinder

The portable auger that you see with the white tube extended to the grinder feeds the corn from the grain bin to the auger.

Corn grinding 2016

My husband gets inside the bin, with a respirator on, and keeps the corn moving to the sweep auger so it can make it’s way to the black tub.  The bin is almost empty so he is able to get in it and move the corn pretty easily.

Corn bin farmer2016

From the bin it comes to this black tub and the auger  moves it into the grinder. The grinder is working and grinds up the corn so we can feed the cattle. It is stored in a smaller bin for easy access when loading the feed wagon.

Corn 2016

This photo I find kinda funny.  My husband is obviously giving some kind of instructions.  I’m not sure if it’s to the dog or his father. 🙂 Both of them are listening intently!

Farmers bw

The farmer has spent a couple more days this week planting corn.  My father in law made his way out to the wheat field.  He showed me that the wheat is already getting little heads on them and it looks to be an earlier wheat harvest more than likely.  The wheat is needing a big drink of water though! Rain/moisture would be a blessing right about now.

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