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Farm Post Friday – This & That & Corn Harvest 2016

Farm Post Fridays

I know it’s been awhile since I blogged here on FGD ! Sorry about that but here you go! A quick update from our Kansas farm!

 Corn harvest began this week but now is on hold.  We had rain last night. Soybeans and milo  will be after corn.  Our fall harvest runs from September sometimes into November.  It’s not like wheat harvest where you harvest for 10-12 days non-stop.  It’s spread out but as always weather makes a difference.

Let’s talk farm kids for a minute!  This kid loves playing on the haybales.  It’s like her new favorite thing this year!  The dog tags along and hangs out too.  Looking at this photograph it brings memories back to me as a child.  This was something I enjoyed doing on the farm.  What’s your favorite childhood activity?

farmdog farm kid
Our daughter’s favorite thing to do right now. JUMP on the hay bales! Her and Charlie the farm dog!

She is even able to get the farmer to stop & play for awhile! There’s a nice tree

to climb right next to the bales!


Let’s talk corn now folks!

As I mentioned we began harvesting corn.  Take a gander

at some photos!

case Ih 6088 combine corn harvest
Over a week ago the farmer washed the combine to have it all pretty & ready to cut the corn!
Just a minor adjustment under the header and we were off to cut!
Our harvest couple shot from the combine! 🙂
Combine harvesting the corn. Keep it straight farmer!


Filling the bin of combine!


Waiting to unload!

This particular field produced quite well.  Even though grain prices are not what they should be there is still much to be grateful for.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram!

ntil next time!


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