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Landlord Appreciation Dinner – 2016



If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you know that this past Saturday we held our annual landlord appreciation dinner.  This is one of the highlights of my year.  Mostly because I love to have others in our home and around the dining room table makes it even better!  We hosted eleven people, which is all our landlords, except for one.  She resides pretty far away so she will receive her “party favor” bag via the post office!

Speaking of party favor!


The invitations I ordered from Vistaprint.  I just love the fall colors and cute little decorations available!  The funny thing is I never eat anything pumpkin! Still think they’re cute though!

I like to be able to prep the meal ahead of time as much as possible. So Friday was my primary prep and clean the house day.

Complete Menu for this Year!



My husband cooked the brisket on our Green Mountain Grill with two different types of seasonings applied.


The meal wouldn’t be complete, in my books at least, until there was some sort of bread!  I used Rhodes rolls this year.  I dressed them up with some fresh rosemary, garlic salt, and melted butter!  We also served just plain ones as there was homemade jam on the dinner table!

14729399_1425378607477162_8073457834125186627_nThe mini desserts I love to create.  To be honest they are pretty simple to make and there is a huge variety out there to choose from! I use Pinterest for help, of course!


We began this tradition three years ago for a couple reasons.   We wanted all of us to get to know one another on a somewhat personal level.  Although it’s a business arrangement we feel it’s important when dealing with farming to bring a personal side into the equation.  Farming isn’t like other businesses.  This also allowed us to show them our appreciation for their faith in us as a farm family.  And who doesn’t love to eat, right?  So hence, the dinner party was created!

Over the years we have lost landlords and gained new ones.  There isn’t a guarantee in farming that when the next generation takes over ownership of the land or the landlord sells the land, that we will be allowed to continue to farm it.  This is one way that farming is a risk. To be honest, with today’s grain prices and expenses, this is a scary reality.  Even losing a small parcel of land can bring forth struggle.  My husband loves what he does and is continuing the farming legacy by being the 4th generation of his family to do it.  We can only hope he gets to continue it as long as his father has, who just turned 88 last month!

A lovely gift from one of our landlords!

We are quite grateful for the landlords that God has placed in our lives (past and present) .We hope they are happy with the care provide  for their family legacy.  It is God who has gifted to us these people and the land.  We know this.


 That’s a wrap, folks!  Have a great week!

Grace is a gift,


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