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Corn Harvest -2017

corn harvest day 1 2017Corn harvest began September 4th this year.  Monday, which was Labor Day around 3:30 p.m.  Milton had been watching the fields, testing the corn daily to see how close we were getting. He was finally able to make his way into the field!

corn harvest 2017

Today he is back at it and hopefully finish the field he started around 10:00 a.m. this morning later this evening.  The grandsons helped me take him lunch so we had to get a photo of them with Papa!

corn harvest 2017 two

The fall harvest includes three crops.  Corn, Soybeans, and Grain Sorghum(milo).    This means our harvest will last over the next 2-3 months probably.

Grain Sorghum 2017 Farver
Grain Sorghum (milo)

I had posted on our Facebook page a few days ago about our problem with weeds in some of our fields.  My husband has been working very hard to remove the weeds from the Grain Sorghum field.  He put an attachment on the weed eater and walks the field rows manually removing the weeds.  I wish I would have taken a before photo but I didn’t.  He has been able to remove a large chunk of the weeds.  You can see in the following photos the difference to the left from the right.

milo weed control 2017


MMilo week

The farm kid has started her 4th grade year and I’m busy running her to various practices and lessons.

Paige, Julie, Milton Vogts 2017 1st day of her 4th grade

Life is on a pretty regular schedule now but we know that having Dad harvest will be a time that things can change in a moment’s notice!  Be sure to follow us here via email or our Facebook page or our Instagram!

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Corn Harvest -2017

  1. those weeds have been especially bad here, too. mare’s tail, i think they’re called – at least that’s the name for them around here. they’re everywhere – fields, pasture, edge of the yard and garden/flowerbeds, along the roads. every year, it seems there’s a new weed we’ve not seen before that’s especially prolific. –suz in NE ohio, where the corn is still green and harvest is weeks away.


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