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October Days & Fall Happenings 2017

This is my third time writing this post about our Fall happenings, I am determined to finish it this morning and post it!


This season on the farm is especially busy for Milton with wheat sowing and harvesting three different crops.  The grain sorghum and corn are all harvested, he finished up the last of the milo around the 18th of this month.  Some of the soybeans are about ready to go but wheat sowing is top priority right now!

Normally the wheat sowing is done and “put to bed” so to speak by now, but this year the rain has kept him from sowing.  When Milton does get the opportunity to sow wheat he works especially late hours and early mornings.  I’ve been taking him lunch and supper in the fields and bringing him back and forth when needed.

20171020_084029 1

20171020_102250 1

He did take Sunday off for church and then for some family time at my company’s get together at a pumpkin patch.  He was back at it early Monday though!

We have about 80 acres left to sow from what he told me this morning.  Before heading out to the field he has to fix a hydraulic hose though, and there was a Coop meeting his Dad wanted to attend so he took him to that.

I’ve been busy running the farmkid here and there, preparing for our annual landlord dinner party that is this Saturday, and continuing my walking for exercise regiment.  Life is pretty good on our Kansas farm.

lunch break!

We also had some silage cut for us.  They have such a quick system when they do it and now we can feed cattle.

We will be getting some feeder cattle either this week or next probably!  Be watching for a blog post on that in the near future, along with the landlord dinner party one!  Thanks for stopping by!

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