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Never. In A Kansas Field.

Case Combine Sunrise field

It was on this morning, in this field, next to a Case IH combine that it happened.

The embrace was one of magnititude.

The beautiful sunrise in the east, the weather with only a slight chill but yet lovely.  The task at hand hadn’t went as planned but that is how life sometimes goes.

Unplanned. Unscheduled. Not knowing what comes next.

And at that moment I decided to hug my farmer husband.  I squeezed him extra tight and as he squeezed me back I felt moved to whisper the following words in his ear.

“Thanks for not giving up on me.”

His reply without hesitation, I might add……


As my eyes began to fill with tears of joy I knew I was very loved.

He isn’t one for showing his affection or saying many things.  His timing with one word was something pretty remarkable. (for me at least)

It was the icing on my cake, the moment where life is really good, and the brownie with pecans in it!

It’s been a very rough road for me and I am not a very kind person when life deals me a large serving of yuck and muck.  So our relationship has taken some bumps, bruises, and rough patches the last few years.

But our relationship has been cultivated over the past fourteen years, just as the many crops this man has planted and harvested.  At times I get jealous of his farming and the love he has for it.  I probably will again in the future, but at least I can look back on this blog post and that picture and recall a moment in our lives where everything felt beautiful. And know that this man is capable of remarkable things in the field and in our life together.

In a soybean field, next to a combine, with the sunrise as the backdrop, my quiet man of a farmer sealed my heart with love with one word.  In essence he covered my wounds and healed the hurt.

If that isn’t romantic, I’m not sure what is!  Hollywood can’t beat that for this farmer’s wife.  A Kansas field works just fine! 🙂

Farmer and Wife 2017
August 2017 – He’s my Thor. 🙂 Family picture candid shot! See the farmer’s hat though!

And he takes all my mushy stuff and he just goes with it, but secretly I think he really likes it! 🙂

Until next time!




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