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Beautiful Flaws – Goodnight Irene & Me Quilt

Good night Irene Quilt Pattern

I can tell you where every flaw in this quilt is.

Just as I can tell you the external and internal flaws of myself.

You may look at this quilt and see beauty. I know I do. It is hard for me to see beauty in myself much anymore. But it’s there.

This quilt makes me smile so much! It made me smile while I made it and watched the blocks come together and cutting the fabric was delightful. I recall sitting near the window and the sun shining in as I picked which small pieces of fabric I wanted to place next to one another.


The blocks were not square and my seams were not all a quarter of an inch. But the quilt still came together. It weathered me pushing the fabric under the pressure foot and sometimes ripping the seams out.  Just as there are days I look in the mirror and must find the courage to push through what lies ahead.

farming grace daily

The imagery of it being on my mother’s quilt frame and me tying it – alone – took me back to a time when I sat with her doing the same thing. Memories are bittersweet but oh how I love them.

My flaws are sometimes on full broadcast for all to see while other times they are snugly tucked where no one can see or hear them except for me. The quilt is like that too.


Those of you that look at this photo probably only see the bright colors and pattern, the photo isn’t taken too closely. If you were to hold the quilt in your hands you might see more of the flaws but here’s hoping you would just use it for warmth and let the bright colors bring you cheer.

This quilt is one that I will treasure for myself for a long time. For the fond memories of making it outweigh the flaws it may possess at full sight.

As I close I know there is beauty and flaws in all people and I am no different. That I am my hardest judge and the last to extend my beauty.

When I look at this quilt. I just want it to be a reminder that even those with flaws have beauty. That they too, along with myself, deserve to be loved.

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