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Taking An Evening Ride and Working too!

This time of year my farmer husband makes two to three trips to the field that he flood irrigates. This year we have soybeans in it and they are about waist high on him now. They will be harvested around the end of September. I went with him the other night to shut some gates on a few rows. Our daughter is old enough now to go out by herself mid-day when he calls to shut a few. Milton has the rows numbers and a handy dandy notebook to keep things straight! Here are some shots!

This is the pond that we pull water from to irrigate the crops in this field. I have gotten some pretty lovely sunset photos here over the years!

Our daughter helping with the irrigation on another night. It’s good work ethic teaching going on right here! 🙂

Before we headed out to the flood irrigation field we checked the center pivot motor as he recently did a few things on it. This field sits right behind our home. We can see where the center pivot is even in the night because there is a light on it. This field has soybeans in it as well and corn.

I recall back in the day, when our daughter was very young we would all load up and go each evening to ride around the fields. Now that she is older we don’t go as much all three as our “mule” only really fits three. I miss those days of her being young but am enjoying watching her grow into a very impressive young lady. She has helped us on the farm this summer and loves being in nature with us. So it’s a win-win!

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