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2020 In A Nutshell

This will be short and quick because I want to get my printed book ordered and usually round out my year with a final blog post. I didn’t prepare and haven’t done much picture taking outside due to recently having ankle surgery. So here goes!

Farm related the year was good to us overall. We have nothing to really complain about. There were some ups and downs but in the end we were able to pay our bills and produced pretty good crops. We’re closing out 2020 with Milton feeding cattle twice a day and come next April probably sell them. Our freezer should be full of beef come July for our family to eat and the others sold to feed other families. We pray that this part of the farming operation continues to go smoothly. Our wheat crop is in the field and we will see how it comes alive in spring. Milton is working on farm equipment in preparation for the year ahead.

Family wise we survived (to this point) without coming down with the Coronavirus and our daughter is going to school in person. This is a blessing in our books and feel so glad we chose to live in rural Kansas! During this pandemic we’ve been able to still take a small vacation, go for walks through the countryside and continue working. This year has taught us a few things, caused stress on our family and farming operation but in the end we are all still standing together and that is what matters.

Our hopes for 2021 are to continue farming, gather with friends and family more, make our marriage even stronger, watch our girl turn into a teenager and just hug on the grandbabies! So much is out in this world, even just in our own back yard! Although we do have an Alaska trip we’ve been planning two years for that we plan to take! So we wish you and yours the best in 2021!

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