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2022 Wheat Harvest

Our 2022 wheat crop consisted of 516 acres and we started on Wednesday, June 15th and finished the next Tuesday. It went quite smooth and we hauled all but our seed wheat to the elevator this year. The biggest bonus is that our 14 year old daughter drove the Case IH combine most of the time. Milton would open up the field for her and then let her go on her own! Milton finally got auto steer for the combine so that made it easier somewhat for both of them. We had the same guy drive trucks as in the past and then all I did was feed them and pick up from fields on occasion.

Having our daughter help this year more in the field enabled Milton to get the double crop soybeans and the milo planted. We’ve never done that where someone is planting while someone is harvesting in the same field. The photo below is of her driving the combine and her dad planting.

The crop this year turned out better than expected and we know that we are lucky to have the grain we do to support our family. June is always a time of such hectic-ness. Softball, throw in driver’s education class and family stuff plus wheat harvest it’s not always the best time but it’s life! I am glad it’s only a week to 12 days usually, it’s not like fall harvest that spans across a few months.

We celebrated Father’s Day by taking Milton out to eat in the morning and then just the two of them harvested some wheat. Milton drove the trucks and the farm kid run the combine. Good memories for them both!

Our new puppy even made it into the combine! She had followed our old dog Charlie to the last fields by the farm and so Milton put her in the combine with him. Charlie always likes to run with the combine although he isn’t as fast as he used to be!

Grandkids came out to ride as usual, well only three made it out but it’s always fun to have littles riding along!

There is still things to do around the farm for Milton and our daughter is spending the summer as our hired help. Before harvest she cleaned all the trucks and combine inside and out, cleaned out the chicken coop, picked up some rocks in the cattle pen and other various jobs. Soon the flood irrigation will need to be laid. Hopefully this will be the last year that has to be done though! 🙂 More on that later!

We hope the rest of the summer is full of enjoyment, good growing crops and decent weather. We don’t have much planned but a couple camping trips. I hope to make memories just the same, even if in our own back yard!

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