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Farmer’s Wait

Life of the farmer. Waiting patiently for circumstances out of their control to finish so they can move forward in their operations. #farming2019 #myksfarmlife #farminggracedaily #rain #plant19 Another social media post I am proud of so it's here on the blog now so my future family members can see it. Kansas Farm Bureau even reposted… Continue reading Farmer’s Wait

2019 · corn · Farm · planting season

April 2019 – Corn Planting

Our 2019 spring crop planting season officially began this week on the 16th. The little planter we have is only a 6 row and to be honest we would really like to have a larger one. Since Milton is the only one actively farming, a larger one would help to get the crops in the… Continue reading April 2019 – Corn Planting