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Chicks, Rain and Baking Away

We had a cute little chirping delivery yesterday morning!

Our chicks we ordered from Murray McMurray Hatchery made their appearance in the mail! We had notice with all the great technology nowadays, so their home was all ready for them! Only one of those little chicks looked a little worse for wear but the farm kid feels it’ll make it just fine! Also she has named it Twitch!

Normally we just buy some from the farm store but this year after seeing Ballerina Farms welcome theirs to the farm we went with his hatchery! By the way, Ballerina Farms is pretty awesome to follow on Instagram, it’s very enjoyable to watch them raise their children and farm animals. We find it interesting because it is different than what we are used to. We do not know them and haven’t purchased any of their products but perhaps one day we will! The farm kid and I just enjoy their social media presence!

Back to our farm though, it has been raining for days. The cloudy weather can be gone anytime! The farmer is unable to plant early milo and his soybeans. I’m tired of cloudy weather and the farm kid is too! Her and I spent time in the entertaining kitchen this week.

We baked french bread for the first time and we used the recipe from the Hopeful Things cookbook. It was a fun experience and time together. It tasted absolutely divine but we do need to work on our technique! Here’s a tip use Sam’s Choice Everything Bagel Seasoning Blend. You can get it at Walmart. Next time I will do an entire loaf with that on it!

We were lucky enough to gather with our older kid’s families on Mother’s day. It was a short visit and nice meal. It had been March since we saw everyone and since Christmas when all were together. I can’t tell you how much it helped our mindsets to be with them. The littles ran around outside playing and we happen to get a super great picture with our grandkids. I’m not sure how soon we will be together again but thank goodness we have video calling!

School will finish up next week for our daughter and then she will officially be a 7th grader. I am not how that can be true but it is! Things continue to be different than prior times but I think that is something to expect going into the summer. Her church camp was cancelled and we are waiting for the official no or go for softball. We are grateful that we live in a rural atmosphere/state and are blessed to be employed and have food on our table. One can never be too thankful when you have the freedom that we do in the United States.

On the farm things continue as has for years past. Wheat harvest is around the corner and our wheat was struggling some but with all this rain does look better. Hopefully Milton can get in the fields sooner than later to plant those soybeans! Although I peeked at my calendar and we didn’t have any beans planted by the 19th of May either!

Thanks for stopping by! Take care and stay safe!


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