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Milo/Grain Sorghum Harvest – 2017

We began our milo harvest on September 20, 2017 on the field we call Farvers.  It was irrigated grain sorghum. We have 110 acres of grain sorghum to harvest this year. We had just finished up our corn harvest the day before. Milton had to change the combine header and make a few adjustments before… Continue reading Milo/Grain Sorghum Harvest – 2017


Concaves & Chickens

It was time to prepare for our next type of harvest here on the farm. Milton worked on cleaning up, waxing, and changing concaves on the combine.  This photo was taken prior to the washing and waxing, he had it put away in the shed before I remembered to get one of his handy work!The… Continue reading Concaves & Chickens