Concaves & Chickens

It was time to prepare for our next type of harvest here on the farm. Milton worked on cleaning up, waxing, and changing concaves on the combine.  This photo was taken prior to the washing and waxing, he had it put away in the shed before I remembered to get one of his handy work!

The concaves are parts of the combine.  Don’t let them fool you, they are heavy, so he called on his trusty farm wife to come help him! He is holding one of them in this photo.

See the metal rod, I’m holding the other end.  Too hard to get a photo while working to include me! I promise I’m there.

Inside view of a Case IH 6088 combine anyone?

The chirps are growing quickly and if we are outside in the early morning we can hear those lovely roosters we have too!  

We have started letting them out midday and they do enjoy it!  The cleaning of the chicken coop was long overdue.  Time got away from us.  They gathered the items needed.  The mule, a couple shovels, and straw.  

The red thing on PV’s head is a Frogg Togg. Seriously a great purchase in my eyes.  She loves it on hot days and Milton has one too. Although he doesn’t wear his on his head! 🙂 

Off to get straw! Watch out farm yard animals and people, young driver!

That pretty much sums up our current events.  I’m hoping this week to get some photos of our current crops to show you.  Corn, soybeans, and milo are growing in our fields!

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