2019 · dinner party · Entertaining Kitchen · VVDDP

VVDDP – 2019 #2

As usual the evening turned out better than we anticipated and ended with us having headaches from laughing so much and more wrinkles from smiling all evening!  Just how you want a gathering to go! Our guests participated by bringing some of the food and also completing their video assignments!  They are such good sports… Continue reading VVDDP – 2019 #2

2018 · dinner party · Entertaining Kitchen · Food · Landlord Contact

Landlord Appreciation Dinner – 2018

This past weekend we were overjoyed to have most of our landlords sitting around our dinner table Saturday evening. There was laughter, conversation and food abundantly shared! So much work goes into our little event but at the end of the night I am so very happy we do it. Having a connection with our… Continue reading Landlord Appreciation Dinner – 2018