2018 · grain · soybeans · wheat

Soybean planting 2018 & Spring Update

Soybean planting was completed all in four (long) days this year!  Milton planted 328 acres total.  We are hoping it will be a good crop come this fall when we harvest it! This week he has been hauling wheat that we had stored in the on farm bins.  It's time to get them ready for… Continue reading Soybean planting 2018 & Spring Update

2017 · Farm

Spring Activity Begins- 2017

The quiet of winter has halted on the farm.  My husband has started hauling some wheat that we harvested last summer to the grain elevator.  We had contracted it and after spending the last 8 months quietly sitting in our farm grain bins it's off to bigger and better things! Once the grain bins are… Continue reading Spring Activity Begins- 2017