2016 · Raising Them Up

Raising Them Up – Letting Go

Written on 8/11/2015.   Another one of those that was living in the drafts of another blog! Just too important not to post I thought! And just last night I thought about the little things lately that we no longer get to help her perform. Bittersweet moment in life.  🙂 My friend shared this post… Continue reading Raising Them Up – Letting Go

2016 · Grief

There Is Good In Death

My relationship with my Mother wasn't the closest. I don't feel guilty about this.  I feel sad on occasion but not guilt.  The relationship was the way it was because of things that were about her and some about me.  The choices we each made. I love(d) my mother and she love(d) me.  We were… Continue reading There Is Good In Death