2016 · Raising Them Up

Raising Them Up – Letting Go

Written on 8/11/2015.  

Another one of those that was living in the drafts of another blog! Just too important not to post I thought! And just last night I thought about the little things lately that we no longer get to help her perform. Bittersweet moment in life.  🙂

My friend shared this post on Facebook.  After I read the awesome post I felt inspired to write something of my own.  Here goes.

As I read the post I found myself thinking back on my day at home.  It was summer, which meant that my seven year old daughter was with me.  Although on this particular day we didn’t intermingle much. She spent most of the day in another room.

The girl only watched 1 hour of TV total by  6:00 p.m. and that was not all at once.  That meant that she spent her day primarily playing.  Alone!


I would run back and forth from the room I was deep cleaning to the laundry room during the day.   As I passed by what used to be our “family room” that is now a “play room” she was intently building something new with her Legos.  Then the next time she would be in her cardboard box and then another time playing with her left over stuff from Camp Invention.  A few times I found her in her bedroom playing too.

Before I ever read the post my friend shared, I had been thinking throughout the day how amazing it was that she would play and entertained herself.  See, she has siblings but they aren’t here.  They are adults with their own families, so she is basically an only child.

I recall the days where she would not play much alone.  She needed her Daddy or Mommy’s attention (mostly Daddy’s by the way) to have fun.  So, I presume some maturity has came along and although we do play together often, it isn’t as needed as before.

I also decided this summer was  good time to start having her read alone before bed. No more (again mostly) Daddy or Mommy laying with her for a few minutes.  Don’t worry, she adjusted quite well, Daddy, well that’s another story! 🙂

Raising my other two daughters has helped me to realize that this time with my youngest goes at a rapid speed.  I value the precious little things, take lots of pictures, and sit a little longer with her if needed.  It has also taught me to pick my battles, discipline better with love, and teach daily about Christ. I was a good mom to them but I think the youngest is benefiting from a more focused mother.

mother daughter farming grace daily

My youngest daughter will be making her way to 2nd grade next week.  She will start learning more, have more homework, opportunities for several extracurricular activities, and possibly new friendships.

I know with each day that passes she will grow up and one day leave our home.   I could say that one day she will venture out into the world, but to be honest, she is already doing that.  Daily.  The girl ventures out into a world that has opportunities, misfortune, pain, happiness, joys, and so much more.  All I can do as her parent is hope that I have taught her that she is valued, that she is loved, that she matters, and that she is never ever alone.

Grace is a gift,



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