2020 · dinner party · Entertaining Kitchen · VVDDP

VVDDP 2020

February is a month of many things but at our home it usually includes a gathering with four other couples. This year we changed things up and had a brunch verses dinner party. Everyone was kind enough to bring food and we enjoyed catching up as usual. I'll start with the table decor, it has… Continue reading VVDDP 2020

2019 · dinner party · Entertaining Kitchen · VVDDP

VVDDP – 2019 #2

As usual the evening turned out better than we anticipated and ended with us having headaches from laughing so much and more wrinkles from smiling all evening!  Just how you want a gathering to go! Our guests participated by bringing some of the food and also completing their video assignments!  They are such good sports… Continue reading VVDDP – 2019 #2