Farm Piece

Early mornings at the farm are ones that are treasures to me. I do not get to enjoy them as often as I would as I would like.  

As I sit on my front porch this morning, there is a tease of fall weather.  Cool, cloudy, and windless, just enough to peak your interest for days of warmer clothing, snuggling by the fire, and hot chocolate evenings on the deck.

I wish you could experience this with me, for the words on this page hardly do it justice.  

The essence of peace that most of us long for is here, in the quiet of the am.   There are sounds, but they are in the distance.  The irrigation motor, a car going down the blacktop a few miles away, and birds chirping to one another good morning.

Calm. Quiet. Cool. Beauty of the crops and the sky is  looking as though its coming awake itself.  Sunrise in the east. From our porch you can’t see the sunrise, but you can see the shimmers above the trees.  Letting you imagine how absolutely gorgeous it is. In my  mind I let the warmth from it come upon my face, filling me with energy for the day,yet all the while I’m relaxing peacefully on my front porch.

In this time I feel the presence of my Father.  Here I can sit and think of the beauties and the tribulations he has shared with me.  He guides me through them like a Father should.  He takes me to a place of solitude when the heaviness of tribulations is too much and he smiles with me in the joyful times.

This peaceful feeling of the farm, I wish I could etch it into my mind and pull it out throughout my day.  But I am human, once life’s regular duties begin, I tend to place these tender moments away. Are you like me in that sense or are you lucky enough to keep them at the forefront?  They are mostly forgotten and perhaps not remembered until its time to shut one’s eyes for the night.  

Bringing this piece peace of the “farm” into my daily life,  is like bringing GOD into my daily life.  One needs to make it a habit, one needs to feel the presence of HIS peace.  Wait, this shouldn’t be a habit but more like breathing.  Acknowledging the LORD in daily life.

I hope, today you find your “farm piece peace”.  In fact, I challenge you to look at your day, find HIM there, and share with me here!  

I look forward to seeing your comments and sharing that hot chocolate moment with  you!


Romans 15:33  Now the GOD of peace be with you all.

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