Legacy of the Farm

I wanted my first post to be about the Legacy of the farm.  To create a base for you, the readers, in regards to the the area of Farm Life.  

I will begin with a timeline, MV is fourth generation to farm the surrounding land, and his 87 year old father was born in the house he still lives in. My father in law continues to farm full time to this day. The ground that is farmed by MV and his father is either owned or rented from others in the community.  Some of the ground has been farmed by my father in law for 50 years, families trust and respect him to care for their family legacy. The Land.  

That’s something to be proud of I believe. With large companies downsizing and usually the people with longest tenures are first to be pushed out, this is something to be feel good about.

We are thankful that the families have not changed and continue the relationships with us.  But in farming, somethings have changed over the years. Here are just a few examples.

Back in the day, they would plow the soil after wheat harvest to turn the straw under, and there usually was not a cab on the tractor.  So the farmer would end his day covered in dirt from head to toe.  Working the ground is still done in the farming community, but No Till farming, we are seeing is becoming a common practice more and more.  The fields may not look as pretty in the beginning with no till, but it reduces wind & water erosion and conserves moisture. And as a bonus, tractors have cabs now!  Farm wives truly enjoy this aspect of farming! Less stinky husbands at days end is much more enjoyable to hug hello! 🙂

My father in law has seen many things and my husband is lucky enough to have been beside him his entire life.  There is something to say about hands on experience, and in this case, it’s brought much respect and opportunity by my husband for his father, which we are both thankful for.  MV is also fortunate to be able to do something he truly loves and believes in on a daily basis, and this is by the grace of GOD. Thankful we most certainly are!

Although we know our daughter, PV may not want to farm full time someday, we do want to show her what farming and living the country life  can offer.  Raising her on the farm brings a respect for the land, good work ethic, and an appreciation for the food that is at the grocery store!  She is her father’s shadow, so there will be much opportunity for you to see them together!

Although she is only four, I do believe teaching begins at an early age. Children are watching their parents more than we are aware! When I hear MV explaining things to PV, I can’t help but smile.  I’m not sure how much goes over head, but it’s pure entertainment for me!

Recently, we all three loaded up in the pickup and headed to check the non-irrigated corn field. Obviously, most of you know there has been little rain this year!  Although checking the status of the corn was “work”, it ended up being a beautiful wonderful family fun time!  The giggles of PV and the follow the leader in the corn field was fun!

Legacy of the Farm is something I can contribute to as well. Preserving the memories here, I feel is part of the legacy. MV & I can reflect back on treasured memories when the kids are grown, and PV can show her children and grandchildren.

I hope you come back to visit us soon and learn more about Life on the Farm. 

Be sure to take a look at the sunset tonight!


2 thoughts on “Legacy of the Farm

  1. Beautiful post, funny how great minds think alike, wait till you see my post for today………. I kind of did a 'family history' need to scan in then add some pictures before I publish it, stay tuned. Yours is great, thanks for 'sharing' and playing along with my challenge last night! ❤ KH


  2. I have never seen this one. LOVE it! Great job Julie. I am behind on the challenge, but hope to make it up today and tomorrow. 🙂


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