New Things

Beginning new things has always been daunting to me, but today my four year old was a very good example to me (once again)!  She began something new today, and she didn’t seem intimidated at all!  PV isn’t super outgoing, but in the past six months we have worked on comforting her fear of new things.  SO I am a very proud Momma today!

Oh by the way, the new thing is that …..


Only once did I see her take her Daddy’s hand, otherwise she was OK with being in a new place and with new people! Little Miss Calm, Cool, and Collected! (FYI, I cried for 3 days when I started Kindergarten, I am not kidding ask my oldest sister!)

This adventure called school will bring several things to PV’s life.  Homework assignments, giggles galore, playground disagreements, writing skills, eating lunch at school, making new friends, experiencing that not everyone prays at lunch time, and yet it’s still important for her to do it, and many more wonderful (and hard) things!

As her mother, I want to take all my knowledge and put it in her little brain so she knows how to react and protect herself and enjoy even the littlest things and to study hard!  But over the years I have learned from my experience that I can not do that.

Yes, it’s taken about 20 years but I did finally pick some handy parenting skills!  (Thanks TS & KVH for the lessons!)

PV has to experience all those things without her parents by her side, but we have already began teaching here that you are never really alone.  GOD is with you always.  I know the comfort, this brings me, in my daily life, and I don’t want Paige to have to wait until she is an adult ( like I did) to know that comfort.  This is a key teaching in our home.  We want her to feel the security and love of our Father.

Don’t get me wrong, Momma (& Daddy) will be there to protect her on a regular basis.  But I have grown in knowing when I should step in and when to let her stand on her own two feet.  Even if those two feet, end up making her stumble for a moment or two.  That stumble is what will build her character and make her who she is meant to be.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a work in progress, so there are occasions when I forget to step back!

I know the future holds many things for MV & I as well.  Bedtimes of listening to her slowly sound out the words in a book, and resisting from saying it for her, math problems we have no clue how to help with, explanations of why she is adopted but others in her class are not, hugging her when her heart is hurting and laughing with her when she tells me a funny story from her day.  I’m going to treasure these moments, whether they are wonderful or hard!  And in both, we will call on GOD to bring us guidance.

I’m curious, what do you do when you are starting something new?  What is your “go to” comfort?  Yes I pray, but if brownies are on hand, you will probably find me in the corner eating the entire pan, WHILE I pray!  Nice imagery isn’t it??? 🙂

Seriously, what helps you move to take that first step into the “New Thing Land” ?

Maybe you have some parenting advice you’d care to share!  I welcome the opportunity to learn from others anytime!  Inspire me people!
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