I am heading out of town tomorrow afternoon.  To where there is no internet, and perhaps not much reception for my smartphone! OH MY what will I do!  BOND…. with my two older sisters!  🙂  Lake here I come!

Since I am leaving for 3 days, this evening I was rushing around as I still needed to pack, finish frosting for a cake, gather food and books for the weekend, print off directions, clear the memory card from my camera, and several other things you can imagine, and get my 4 year old to bed on time!  You get the picture, so I will move on. 

I came into my den this evening feeling worn down, ticking off the list in my head and watching the clock. Just plain frazzled was my mojo at the moment.  

I walked over to the window to check to see what MV & PV were doing outside. I had sent her out earlier with something to give her Dad, and she never returned to me.  

The sight I saw from the window, it melted my heart. Really. It made all those frazzled feelings disappear in one moment!  I could not help but smile and feel warmth in my heart. 

They were in the garden together, both of them bent over in the cucumber patch looking for cucumbers.

I know, right now, you are probably thinking, Ok? What’s so unordinary about that? 


Nothing at all.

Ordinary is exactly what it was.

Sometimes the ordinary is just what we need in life isn’t it? 

Take moment & ponder that…. I’ll wait,….no rush….  I’m still here…..(Feel free to leave a comment responding, I’d love to hear from you!) 

Today, I challenge you to open your eyes, and view things in a new way, in a clearer, more simpler way.  Whether its a bird sitting outside your window, to a flower just bloomed, to an elderly lady just walking down the sidewalk, or a toddler with ice cream all over their face…. just look for the ordinary and allow yourself to enjoy it.

Today I will take the ordinary, because it made my heart melt and a smile come across my face.  GOD knew what I needed and HE provided as always.

Check out the ordinary…. it just might surprise you! 

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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