Paige’s Painting

Today we opened a new package of Paints!

Paige had been asking me, for sometime now, about paints for at home. So I picked some up while at the local store.  I purposely waited until this weekend to show her them.  Her and I are spending some quality mommy-daughter time together! 🙂

We setup shop out on the front porch on this lovely day and
 she went to painting!

(Other than the pesky flies, it was a real beauty of a day!)

Action Shots!

I wanted to share her painting with you.  I asked her if she would tell me about it.  This is how it went….. 
(starting in the lower left hand corner)

Purple : basketball game
Yellow Basketball game
Black: Soccer game
Pink & Blue: one of my favorite animals: rhinoceros
Orange: Kitten
Brown: Snail
Blue: Telephone
Red: Boat
Purple: Ocean
Purple: Cloth
Green: Arrow
I asked her what she would like to name it….. she said  how about   “Painting”.  

Gotta love the simplicity of a four year old!

Some of her comments while painting:

” These flies won’t leave me alone.”
“I just love painting.”
“You stay with me!” (paper towel under her leg kept falling away.)
“Hum, what ones now?” (intently looking at paint assortment)
“Get away flies.”
“Mom, be careful with my painting.”

I tell her often and it’s just the true feeling I had today watching her.

“I’m so glad GOD chose ME to be YOUR Mommy”! 

Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Paige’s Painting

  1. Julie, This is too Cute! Seeing this really makes me MISS MY DAYCARE KIDS!): it's such a wonderful feeling to see them grow up into such unique talented human beings, You and Milton are doing such a Wonderful JOB with Paige! I love her Drawings (: and interpertations of them. Looks like she is Such FUN! GOD BLESS all of you. Miss you all!


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