Heart Jumping……

Looking forward to things is usually
 a delight isn’t it? 

The anticipation, the excitement, and even the nervousness of it all.  And then at just the right moment, those emotions all come together to create this ” heart jumping out of your chest kinda thrill “,  that you can hardly contain!

Entertaining others in our home 
does that for me.
(You thought I was going to say something alittle more exciting didn’t you??!!)  

When the doorbell rings from the 
first guest arriving, 
 the adrenaline rush begins for me!
( No it isn’t bungee jumping or rock climbing, but it is a rush for me!
 Go with me on this one,would ya?)

For me, welcoming people into our home, serving them good food, and having conversation with them for an evening is one of the most delightful things in my life! 
( Note to self, schedule more gatherings! )

Since moving into our home almost two years ago, I began a tradition.  A gathering of five of our closest married friends.  Although we do entertain for family gatherings and PV’s birthday parties, these two particular gatherings mean a great deal to me.   

It just brings a warmth into our lives that we tend to miss, yet we don’t realize we have missed it,  until we gather with them once again.  

We go along with our regular schedules, and busy lives, and we tend to forget that rejuvenating ourselves is essential in maintaining a lovely existence.  
(Note to self schedule more rejuvenating time!)

Once I spend the evening with these friends, there is an ever present joy within me.  We laugh, we play games, we talk about our families,
 we enjoy good food, 
we just come together as it was intended.  


I think entertaining in our home brings connection and connection brings joy.

Joys are sometimes hard for me to come by, but this…. this brings me joy.
(I just realized I am smiling as I type this, I can’t help it, I’m in a happy happy place!)

Fall is right around the corner and I am in the 
beginning stages of our Fall Friend Gathering.  

I am excited to
 plan it, 
prepare it, 
and participate in it.

I just want to say I am thankful for the friends that are in my life, 
not only these five couples, but any that have touched my life in some way. 

How do you connect?  

What brings you joy?  

What gives you that
 ” heart jumping out of your chest kinda thrill “?

Thanks for stopping by!


Reach out and care for someone who needs the touch of hospitality. The time you spend caring today will be a love gift that will blossom into the fresh joy of God’s Spirit in the future. -Emily Barnes

4 thoughts on “Heart Jumping……

  1. I am so excited for our dinner!! Can't wait until the menu is released! I'm going to try to find an appetizer to bring that is worthy of Liz's beautiful cheese spread and your gourmet meals!!


  2. Lis, Thanks for offering but no one can bring anything!! (unless you don't care for our drink options!) Plus…. its not a full meal! We taking a little different route for the Fall Gathering from the February Gathering!Hoping to get invitations out this weekend! 🙂 LOVE YAJULES


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