Fall Harvest Prep!

Fall harvest began with corn about a month ago, the drought was extremely hard on the crops this year.  We still have some irrigated corn to harvest.   At this point, the plan is to harvest most of it and then chop some for silage for the feeder cattle we will have this winter.  Grain sorghum (milo) and Soybeans will be harvested in October most likely.  Fall harvest is different than the Wheat harvest in the sense that it is spread out longer.  Wheat harvest for the most part is done in June or July and for us lasts approximately 10 days.  Fall harvest you are dealing with three different crops, so harvest time spans about 3 months, August through October. As always, the weather is a huge factor in when crops are planted and harvested.

During this time, beginning in October the Wheat crop for next year is being sown (planted).  It tends to be a busy time of the year for this farm family.

Today MV pulled the John Deere drill /air seeder out and began preparing it for wheat sowing!  He replaced the seed lock press wheels.  

When he works on equipment, the thing I enjoy most is watching PV and him interact.  I also enjoy when my father in law is present, three generations hanging out on the farm!  Memories in the making!
And usually Duke isn’t far behind my father in law!
We also had to take time to have fun!
Climbing up on top of the drill all by ourselves!
Even Daddy stopped working to play follow the leader!
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