A Birth Story

Most everyone has some sort of story they have heard in regards to their arrival into their families.  On my blog, if you have read here, then you have read some of my story.  I like to hear and share birth stories.  So I decided to share my three daughters.

My mother and I (1970)

For example, on the day my oldest daughter, TS was born, I spent the afternoon making a cherry pie. My stepfather, Bob timed my contractions while I rolled out pie crust.   (Cherry was one of his favorites!) This memory has become precious to me as he passed away 3 years ago this month.  I recall him being calm and supportive, but as soon as that pie was out of the oven (because I insisted on finishing the pie first), we headed to the hospital! 🙂 

My oldest daughter & I (1988)

My middle daughter, she spent all day Thanksgiving, slowly making her presence known to me with labor on and off. Her father’s grandmother was gracious enough to be there with us at the house, and made Thanksgiving dinner. I recall I was crosstitching a blanket for her, during that day. KVH was coming in her own sweet time, she is still that way today!  🙂  She woke us in the middle of the night and we headed to the next town in cold winter weather to welcome the little bundle into our family.  Grandma Shirley has passed as well, her being present that day made it go smoother and created a special bond and a very precious memory to all of us.

My middle daughter & I (1992)
Our youngest daughter, PV  become part of our family through adoption.  

The day PV was born, we arrived at the hospital, which was about 1186 miles from home, in another state, away from family and friends about 6:00 am.  We did paperwork and headed to the waiting room, she was scheduled to be born by c-section. We waited nervously in the waiting room alone, 
talking  and praying, hoping for the best.  

Lucky for us, within 15 minutes of her birth, we met our daughter in the hospital nursery.  She was crying, black curly hair, and not a happy little camper at all!

 As we arrived in the nursery, I turned to look at my husband and saw the most amazing thing.  I watched him literally fall in love with this little person.  I can’t fully describe in words what I saw, but I feel it was something close to what GOD probably feels for each of us everyday all day.
I was so very proud of MV at that moment and I could see he was HER Father.  From the moment she was conceived by others, GOD had a plan, 
that MV would be this little girl’s daddy. 
There was no going back now, although it could have if the birthmom so chose it.  

I am so thankful I looked his way when I did.  
We didn’t get to hold her until the next morning, 
due to she had to have oxygen. (Caketop! 🙂
But we were by her side and held her hand, and prayed and talked to her non stop.  There is more to PV’s story, but I will blog on that some other time.

My youngest daughter & I  (2008)
I became a mother at the age of 17, again at 22, and once more at 38.  I have been a single mother, a married mother, and an adoptive (married) mother. 
But in reality, none of those “titles” matter. 


What matters is that I  was  AM a Mother.  GOD entrusted me with three of HIS creations.  To guide them, help them, love them, and let them go when it is time.  Obviously, I didn’t have much knowledge starting out but I did my best and I hope that is worth something to my children.   
Even with more knowledge today, I still make mistakes. 
 I can only hope that by ME noticing my mistakes, acknowledging them, and learning from them teaches my children to do the same with their children.  


I am blessed to be the Mother of three daughters. 

Even more so I am blessed because 
GOD chose ME to be THEIR Mommy!

I am thankful.

Any good birth or welcome to the
 family stories you want to share??? 

I’d love to hear them!


2 thoughts on “A Birth Story

  1. Our sister-in-law is right now, in the hospital, being induced with our new nephew! For ours, Abigail's is the most interesting with Seth sleeping during labor, (She was born during vicarage year and he hadn't had a day off in eight months!) the doctor not believing I was in labor and almost not making it in to catch her, and her being born just three days before her scheduled baptism. I do love how each of them have their own stories. How could they not?What a blessing! By the way, I would NEVER have recognized you just by your picture with TS!


  2. Heather,Congrats to your family on the new addition! Love the story of Abigail ! Funny on the picture… it's the hair isn't it! 🙂 LOL I was YOUNG too! It's all good though! Thanks for stopping by!


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