I haven’t mentioned it before, but PV likes to call this her tree house.  When it sits in the farmyard, she now crawls up to the top and thinks its great to play on!  I guess it being green and high up is where she gets “tree house”! 🙂  Little does she know it’s an expensive piece of equipment that aides in putting food not only on our families dinner table, but others’ in the world!

It’s a John Deere grain drill with air seeder.  Milton uses it to plant wheat and soybeans. We purchased it in 2011 so he is still getting used to running it.  It is quite different from the old grain drill the family used to use. Technology has come a long way in farming, and although we do not use GPS or autosteer in our tractors/combines at this point, I am sure in the future we will.  This is our first big purchase in the 10 years I have been in the family.  
(Yes it made me nervous but once again, keep the faith farmer wife! 🙂 

One of the tanks holds seed while the other one holds fertilizer.  It is applied at the same time when drilling the wheat.  

Here, Milton is filling the tank with fertilizer.   

It goes from the grain truck into the auger.

Then the auger carries it to the yellow tank on the air seeder drill.

Do you notice how DIRTY the drill is!  It is crazy dry here in Kansas Land!

This is what PV looked like after crawling up on top ONE TIME!

Yes those are school clothes! Mom didn’t think about it when we stopped on the way home!
Oh well! Tide does wonders these days!  

This is Milton actually sowing wheat! No don’t be alarmed! The drill is not on fire, that isn’t smoke!

(and soot from burnt wheat stubble from two weeks ago)  

Needless to say the drought is still ever present and we could use some rain.  

SO! If any of you have time,  perhaps you could do a happy rain dance or pray for some rain! 
It would be greatly appreciated by this farm family! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

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