Unique Ride

PV got alittle different ride to school this morning!

This truck is a beauty isn’t it!?

Don’t worry it does have seatbelts and 
we installed her carseat!

She was very excited to get to ride to school in it!

Check out that smile! 🙂

I wonder if she will feel the same way in 10 years??!! 

  You are probably wondering why we would ever
 take her to school in this old grain truck. 

 Milton was heading to get seed wheat this morning 
(wheat sowing time- stay tuned- post to follow!) 
so he offered to take her on his way!

Sweet guy isn’t he!

He told me after returning home that PV 

proclaimed in excitement 
to her teacher as they looked out the door 

That’s our little farmgirl!


Happy Wednesday to you all!


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