What’s Your Entertaining Style?

I think I may have mentioned previously, I’m having a Fall Friend Gathering next weekend! 

I am getting pretty excited for the opportunity to entertain this particular group of friends. We have not all been together in one place since last February! It’s always a great time when we meet up!

This year it’s a Appetizer and Dessert Tasting!

Invitations have been mailed, dishes bought, recipes chosen and all but one has been through our “test run of making”!  That task will be done in the next couple days! I know!  I am cutting it pretty close!

Friends, are you wondering what will fill these cute little dessert dishes and plate?!

You will have to continue to read……. I do love to tease! 🙂

Today we unpacked these cuties that I found on clearance while shopping in August!  SCORE! I was excited about saving money almost as much as having my friends over!

Here is my lovely assistant unpacking them for me to wash!

Ok, I just can’t resist, this is her cooking breakfast today with me…. we had pancakes!

I told her this morning, before long, when you can read, you will be able to make them all by yourself!

Sniff Sniff…     Sniff Sniff… 

Ok only for a few seconds did I sniff sniff , because I then had this thought……


Yippee!!!! (I’m currently dancing the jig!)

Nice imaginery once again huh???? 

Well maybe this will help get that image out of your mind my dear followers!

Check out our test run!


Seriously not only looks pretty, but tastes yummy… did I say that already??? 

Here’s another angle just in case you couldn’t see the yumminess it encompasses!

When I prepare a recipe and it turns out not only tasting lovely but looks it too, I just can’t help but get EXCITED!   

My mind starts going ninety to nothing on how I can share with others.  Let me attempt to explain in words how my mind goes…

Hum… I wonder if I could have a bunch of ladies from church over and serve them desserts like this?  What would be the purpose of our gathering, do we need one? Would they come?…. hum…..

How about a group of my closest girlfriends, I could lay out a spread…. and we could spend an afternoon giggling and relaxing… I wonder if they would come…….if we can all figure out a date???

I wonder if I invite all my sisters, mother, daughters, their kids, and have a craft day and create food like this, would they come?  That would be a nice tradition……hum…..

Couples from church that we don’t know very well would they enjoy a gathering of this sort? Would they come? Would they enjoy it?

Now, imagine those being said without a breath between and running through my mind in about 6 seconds! 

I have these “thoughts” often but haven’t acted on them much. For me I think I let time get away from me and I allow fear of someone not liking my idea take over. Do you have fears of entertaining others?

I want to share the goodness from our blessed life.  We have more than enough food in our home, more than enough room to entertain, and it feels so good to just be with others!
I need to keep that in the forefront of my mind and not let time slip away!   

Do you enjoy entertaining in your home?  What is your favorite type of entertaining? Relatives only, large dinner for friends, or more intimate with just one couple, a full meal, a football tailgate party, bbq style, buffet style or everyone bring a dish kinda gathering?

Ok, I won’t make you wait any longer!  I am sharing the menu now, recipes will not be shared until after the gathering!

So glad you stopped by! Please be sure to share your entertaining fears and joys!


Barbeque Meatballs
Canastitas Caprese 
Mushrooms Stuffed with Brie Cheese

Mini Peanut Butter Trifles
Lemon Yogurt Trifle
Pumpkin Trifle

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Entertaining Style?

  1. Um, Ladies from church?…that's a big fat YES! I have two entrees that I can/will make for company. Desserts are more my style.The menu looks delicious! That pancake looks awesome too!


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