Tailgate Dinners & Sunsets For Dessert!

This past weekend Milton and his dad began harvesting Milo (Grain sorghum).  I decided Saturday evening I didn’t really feel like preparing a home-cooked meal for supper. PV was out riding with Milton in the combine anyway, so I decided to call an order into our local burger joint!

So our dining out experience was literally that! DINING OUT!
It was ate in the countryside, next to a Milo field and combine, while sitting on a tailgate enjoying the fall evening as the sun set. There was only a slight breeze, which is not the normal if you have ever been in Kansas for very long! 
How about that for ambiance people!? I couldn’t have ordered a better dining experience!
Having supper together at a decent hour has always been an important thing to me.  So bringing supper to the field and eating together is a natural choice for me. I am able to still bring the family together and be united in our day, even if only for a short period of time. I think connection between family is essential to build a solid foundation for not only us as the family unit, but our children’s future lives.
Bringing food to the field also brings back childhood memories for me. Mostly my grandmother fixing meals and taking them to the field for family while they harvested the crops. So I got to take a stroll down memory lane tonight!
Another wonderful experience from this evening…….
And as I was standing with camera in hand, (of course) I looked up to see this.
It just took my breath away. The sunset behind her & her “deep in thought” face! I just think it’s a lovely presentation of beauty (and not just because my daughter is in it either!) I love the way the sun is in the background and beaming with warmth!  
Moments of beauty can be found in lots of places, along a roadside, on a tailgate, in the supermarket, in the smiling eyes of an elderly man, in a baby’s giggle, etc.
I’m sure you get my drift.  Let’s  just  decide right now we will open our eyes and take in the beauty around us this week!!
And when you look in the mirror today and see yourself, be sure to recognize it there too.  

Because you ARE beautiful!
Thanks for stopping by!
I did touch up the first photo with one technique. But I think the original is pretty cool too!

4 thoughts on “Tailgate Dinners & Sunsets For Dessert!

  1. My boys look forward to the evenings when I say we can take food to dad in the field. They like it even better when I am working in the field with the boys and dad brings pizza!These memories are different than the ones I have of loading the card table and chairs with my grandma to take a hot meal to the field. Things sure have changed. Great post!


  2. Boy, this post really brought back a flood of memories for me….I wasn't raised on the farm but I am the product of two parents that were. I rode along on many trips to the field to give \”lunch\” to the hard working farmers…..My grandma could simply touch a plain ole ham and cheese sandwich and make it taste like it came from a 5 star restaurant. Thanks for the step back in time that I just had!!


  3. Carla,I love it when someone is taken back to past days from what I have written! Thanks for commenting! 🙂 Makes me have a happy heart!


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