Just Some Fun! 25 Random Things!

Cleaning out my Facebook notes awhile back  I found this “25 Random Things”, I thought it might be fun to post them on my blog!

AND…. if anyone is game and will comment with 10 things about themselves, I will put your name in a drawing and whomever is drawn will win a YUMMY prize! Which means homemade food!

Drawing will be completed on Sunday, October 28th!

If you live far away, I will even mail it! No problem!

Please comment on the blog, not Facebook, that way they are all in one place! Thank you!

1. Brownies (especially with pecans) are my down fall!
2. I feel quite blessed in the girlfriend department!
3. I am alittle more on the serious side than the humorous side!
4. I am a mother of three daughters!
5. I was raised on a farm part of my life then headed to the “city” for a stint, now reside once again in the countryside! Love it!
6. Exercising is a goal, but I haven’t started it back up again….it’s on “the list”!
7. My best memories with my daughter Tashley are from Mission trips and youth group activities.
8. Having adult children is quite lovely.
9. I take LOTS of pictures!
10. My favorite memory as a child with my Mom is her making fried donuts in her cast iron skillet for my sister Elizabeth & I.
11. I love sitting on my covered deck in the stillness of morning or night.
12. I thought I was finished mothering children when I had Kassidy…. God had other plans! GO GOD!
13. I absolutely LOVE to dance!
14. I tend to be a perfectionist, although I am beginning to back off on this some… just slightly!
15. Cooking is therapy for me.
16. After 9 years of attending a church, I finally got back into attending bible studies! Forgot how much I missed the fellowship with other ladies!
17. I think Mark Wahlberg is really cute! But my husband is cuter!
18. I used to spend alot of time worrying about what kind of mother I was, now I just try to be a the best mom I can be!
19. My husband has brought so many wonderful things in my life, I am blessed to have met him.
20. Music music music…all kinds…love it….can change my mood in a heartbeat.
21. My daughter Kassidy lives in California and I hope to visit her next year!
22. My grandaughter is the cutest thing EVER!
23. Yellow is my favorite color.
24. It makes my heart full to see my husband in his element doing what he loves most….farming, there’s just a peace about him.
25. Praying throughout my day is getting to be like breathing for me.  Both in good and bad moments!

14 thoughts on “Just Some Fun! 25 Random Things!

  1. 1. I miss my daughter this week more than I missed my son being away. I think it's a mother/daughter thing.(Don't tell either of them.) 2. I don't know my Bible verse for this week yet.3. I am extremely competative when playing games, but hide it well…I think.4. I absolutely detest doing laundry.5. I love listening to my first grader read. I am so proud of her!6. Spending money on cars makes me crazy.7. I ate three pumpkin chocolate chip cookies tonight and they were delicious!8. I have three children's books that will be published with CPH's new preschool curriculum that comes out in the spring.9. Most days I love being a pastor's wife. Every day I love being Seth's wife.10. I really want to win the yummy prize. I could help you with #6 on your list…you could walk it on over. :)11. I love this post! Extra credit?


  2. 1. I love my job2. My kids are my life and remind what is important everyday.3. I love to cook and bake, but I like to eat more. :)4. I hate to clean house. Give me at least 2 hours notice if you are coming to visit.5. I want to write a farm book for farm kids that are learning to read.6. I love to drive the combine.7. I hate to work ground. That's why we are no-till farmers.8. Feeding the cows gives me enjoyment and pleasure and can wipe away the stress of a day for me.9. I love that I can teach my kids about nature everyday while they work with me.10. I love this post idea. Have a great Day!!


  3. 1. I found true love later in life and look forward to growing old with my husband!2. I am learning to let my kids grow up and make decisions on their own, although it is hard.3. In the past 6 months I have learned to really enjoy cooking/baking and putting lots of love into what I make.4. I have a vivid imagaination.5. I process information very quickly.6. I have a terrible memory when it comes to things in life. Don't ask me about my childhood, I can't remember anything it seems :).7. I love to dance in the kitchen with my husband.8. I was raised in the country and still live in the county, just not on a working farm/ranch. I love the quiet.9. Love it when my boys text me and use the term \”momma\” even though they are 17 & 13!10. I have always loved to take photos of things!


  4. 1.Despite the \”Dysfuntion\” in our family growing up I do believe All four of us siblings have kept & live by \”Good Function\”, morals, and values.2. My 2 sons, daughter-in-law, and grandkids may call me crazy, but I know that means they love me.3. I have spent the larger part of my life being a \”clean freak\” but I have lightened up considerably. 4. A clean house Really does make me feel good. I may not be smiling while cleaning, but I know one crosses my face when I am done.5.I love to dance. Have not done so for a very long time though. Maybe that is what is wrong with me. :)6.I love being outside. I even love being outside working.7. I grew up in the country, now live in town & really want so bad to be back in the country.8. I wish I was as intelligent and strong as my mother.9. My two sons and four grandchildren are my heart.10. My grandma passed away when I was 10 and I still miss her at 50.11. My best friend is like a sister to me and my sisters' are like my best friends.5.


  5. #2- I literally need to put on that cheerleading outfit & come stand on your porch & cheer!? Really? #3 – Good to know for future gatherings!#8- How very exciting! Yay!#10- Will you meet me half way? I did mention I HAVEN'T been working out! 🙂 Thanks for posting! Good luck!


  6. #5 – That is a great goal! I think you'd do very well at it!#7- Amen.#8- So cool!I am so glad you posted! 🙂 I love reading your blog and your kids are so lucky to have you as Mom!Thanks for posting! Good Luck!


  7. 1- YAY!2- Good job!3 – When am I invited to dinner then??5- I got that gene too! 🙂 7- I did that tonight! (with my husband not yours! LOL)Thanks for posting! GOOD LUCK!


  8. #4 – I can relate sis… just not to your extreme! :)#5 – All 3 of us got that gene, I wonder if Rick did?#8 – You did!#11- Sweetness! :)Thanks for posting! Good luck!


  9. 1. I am a born and raised city girl, but absolutely love living in the country (just 1 mile from my bestie)! I don't know what I am doing most of the time, but thank God for those that I can ask that actually do know how to live in the country.2. My favorite stress reliever is to walk the pasture. I have found; several \”treasures\” in one of the creeks that must have come from a past owner's trash pile, 2 giant \”dens\” I believe belong to badgers, a foundation for a building that has long been gone, deer antlers, cow bones, and occasionally I find the horses out there.3. I am obsessed with taking pictures of the sky. I believe the beauty is God talking to us. One day I was sitting in the corral (upset) and saw the beautiful pink clouds forming a hug for me. When I looked back through the pictures, the last one looked like a heart. God knew I needed a hug…4. I am so proud of my children! I don't know when they did it, but Kelsey and Eric have become responsible adults, and amazing people. Amanda is a caring, independent college girl. Lacie is a giving, bubbly high school junior.5. Having DaeLynn as a graddaughter is the cherry on top of the icing on my cake! I can't wait for more grandchildren!!6. I own 2 houses. One in Canton that we lived in for 17 years and the one we live in now. Hopefully the one in Canton will be on the market in the next year.7. My dream is to open a bakery. I love to bake!8. I have 8 horses on the \”farm\” and only 1 belongs to me.9. Coyotes scare the stuffing out of me! I know they aren't going to hurt me, but when they get to howling and carrying on, and they sound like they are in my corral, I want to hide in the house. I think it stems from being in the pasture last summer when the horses came charging toward me and 2 coyotes circled around them. The coyotes both looked directly at me and acted like they were going to come toward me until I clapped real loud and yelled \”hey\” at them. They were young and playing, but it was scary!10. Whew! I'm at number 10! Ummm… Julie and I have been friends since our freshman year. I always felt more a part of her family than my own. I still feel like Tam and Liz are my sisters and Julie is my kindred soul!


  10. Here it is……I couldn't resist….1) I teach Sunday School to 1st thru 5th graders, little do they know how much they have inspired me with my relationship with God2) I don't like tomatoes, however I like the smell of tomato plants3) As a child, I dreamed of being a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader4) I love being the mother to 3 boys….They know they can call and talk to me about anything5) I don't like french fries dipped in ketchup, just plain6) I enjoy cleaning windows and toilets but I don't care to dust furniture7) I never knew I would enjoy a Women's Bible study as much as I do8) Being called \”grandma\” is one of my greatest joys in life9) I'm not very good at making desserts but I can make awesome main dishes10) After more than 30 years of marriage, my husband would still do nearly anything for me


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