Nature Walk + Donuts = Happy Marriage!

Today was a “Date Day” for my Milton & I!  

We spent part of the day shopping and enjoyed a nice lunch at Abuelo’s.  It was a very delightful day, my husband even found a new place on the way home to take a leisurely walk together!  Here are a few shots from there!

It is a good thing we did take a long walk,
because what we decided to do next was
 completely unhealthy!

Do these look good or what!

Yep….. that’s right!  
We decided to throw alittle more “fun” into our day!

We decided to have an eating competition with
Krispy Kreme donuts!

We are living on the edge now aren’t we people!? 🙂

Let me introduce you to the competitors!

A few words to describe each 
since some of you don’t know us!

Milton: Quiet, laid back, reserved, less competitive.
Julie: Loud, somewhat outgoing, more competitive.
10 donuts, each had to eat 5, and whomever was done first won
 bragging rights until the next eating competition! 

So we found a nice place at the park with water and donuts in hand!
(Disclaimer, do not try this at home kids!)

Stopwatch started and eating began to commence!

I was ahead and finishing up my 4th donut, when we looked
at one another and began to laugh.

3 minutes and 47 seconds later, 
Milton BEAT me!

Can you believe it!?I know, me neither!

I think his gameplay was getting me to laugh,
 I was ahead the ENTIRE time to that point!
So he gets bragging rights and I get to start thinking
of what type of food we will use for our next competition!

(Cause I am TAKING HIM DOWN! )

Laughter is important in a marriage. 

I can only hope I get to spend many more years 
with this man creating goofy, silly, happy memories!

Thanks for a great day Milton!

What is the silliest thing you have ever done 
with your spouse or partner?

Please feel free to share!
 It’s all about the fun!

Thanks for stopping by!

(Runner up donut eater!)


4 thoughts on “Nature Walk + Donuts = Happy Marriage!

  1. JULIE…You let me down! Don't be distracted by his distracting distractions! Go Julie, Go! You can do it! Bite, breathe, bite, breathe. I would be happy to coach you for round two! May I suggest introducing some milk or water? I'm thinking Oreo cookies, or Cheetos…Hilarious! The only thing missing is an action shot!


  2. Heather! I know! He is so innocent & sweet with his quiet ways! Then he slips his sly ways in on you when you least expect it! I will not be distracted next time, ALL business! I did have water & did have to take some during the process! Oreo… cheetos… hum….nice choices, perhaps jello jigglers..!Perhaps you could be our photographer on the next go around! 🙂 LOLThanks for the cheering too! I am imagining YOU in a cheerleading outfit now! HAHAHAHA~!Julie


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