* Excerpts from my personal journal used.

October 23, 2010
 I was standing at the kitchen window, of our new house, I had just cleaned it.  We plan to move in this next weekend. As I stood there looking out of it, the thought crossed my mind, or more like the question…… “when you look out this window what do you want to see?”  Not sure who was speaking to me, but I thought hum…ok I’ll bite! 

I kept looking and in reality all I saw was a pile of silage, corn stubble, and a combine header.  I tried to imagine a tree, green lawn, and I was debating if I wanted to see a children’s play set right in front of me. Of course, as a parent, that is the choice I should be wanting, so when PV is out playing I can be inside doing dishes & multi-tasking like all good mothers! (FYI, the play set is in my view now when I look out the window)

Lucky me, my husband stepped behind me and put his arm about me and kissed my cheek, I know him seeing me standing there just gazing made him feel good.  This move is all he has wanted the past 7.5 years since marrying me. 

See, he loves the country, the farm, the quiet, the stillness, the darkness, and the beauty that surrounds the area.  Don’t get me wrong, I see beauty too, and I was raised on a farm for part of my childhood. But I will have a “transition” period so to speak! I dream of life out here, of me gardening, and enjoying my covered deck in the evenings or mornings, and walks in the country.  I know Milton will be so very happy here, and I know GOD is guiding me (us) to this place.  PV will benefit so very much from being raised on a farm, and life is simpler I know. 
I guess I just wanted to note that at the moment I am in a” transition” period, and I’m not sure how my reactions will be.  This is where I am to place all my trust and feelings into GOD, and know he would never lead me astray.  I shall surely try my LORD! I shall surely try!

October 29, 2011
It has been one year since we moved into our home that Milton built for our family. We have settled in and I think Milton has come to love that we live out here. It was his dream but I think I will enjoy it as well. My transition has occurred and I enjoy it a lot more than when we first moved in. There are lots of beautiful things to see, just this week there were two deer in the field behind our home. Although I could live without the coyotes, it is a part of country life, so I shall accept it. PV enjoys going over to her grandparents that live so close and to also  feed the cattle that are now in the pens for the winter. Its amazing how she isn’t scared of them at all, yet she went through a phase of being scared of the tractors and combines. A couple weeks ago she rode with her Dad while he sowed wheat & stated when done “that wasn’t so bad”.
I  do love watching her with Milton, he is patient and explains things very well to her. I hope she is able to come to appreciate how lucky she really is, to have a father that is so participating in her life. It’s a true blessing! 
In the past year we have had one child move out and get married, and our first grandchild was born, which we help care for.  Milton had an accident in the summer, which kept him down for awhile.
The house is lovely, and the covered deck was a great idea. I am looking forward to the spring when we have lovely grass coming up and we can start our bigger garden. We planted a garden in 2011, but with Milton’s accident it got the best of us. Milton has finished up fall harvest and sowed some wheat for a fellow church member. Winter months are coming so there will be more time for family and doing some fun things. Life is passing by pretty quickly these days it seems, it is true, the older you get the faster it goes!  
November 8, 2012
As I read the entries from the past two years, I felt various things. Feelings of the unknown, the excitement of beginning a new journey, and the struggle of enduring an accident of a loved one to name some.  All those things brought growth, not only within me, but within my family members as well.  We learned new things about one another and it strengthened the connection between us. The journey wasn’t always easy, that is for sure, but  it allowed growth to occur in each of us. Which is essential in life, I do believe! 
A few of the things I have learned in the span of two years are:
  • Pray before making any decisions – no matter how big or small they are.
  • Patience. I was not born with this at all, it has been learned and I still have a ways to go.
  • That although someone is a farmer, they can set aside farm tasks to eat supper or read a book with their child, and the world won’t end. I am thankful for this asset in my husband.
  • Beauty of nature is all around.
  • Flies are still pesty things I will never get used to although they were everywhere in my childhood!
  • Everything doesn’t have to be “on time” and “on plan” to be successful.
  • It’s extremely fun to take the ATV or Mule for a ride with the family to check fields!
Of course our initial transition is over and we are living life on the farm.  This journey that has been given to me I see as a treasure. Sometimes that journey is difficult and sometimes it is so very joyous.

But basically, I am just thankful for it.

I encourage you to take a look back at the path that led you to today. You do not need to stay in the past necessarily, just take a glance, reflect, and come forth.  I bet you see moments to cherish, moments of “oh that is why that happened”, and moments of true growth.  May your memories bring you warmth and peace.
Thanks for stopping by.

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