The Little Brown Envelope

I saw these little brown envelopes at a craft store recently.  

They are 3.5 x 5 and plain as the day is long!  But when I saw them, I just fell in love with them!   

When I bought them, I actually had no idea what I was going to use them for.  Yep, I think that is impulse buying at it’s best isn’t it?

BUT!  I did figure out how to fill this plain envelope with a little dose of love!  I was busy working on my annual calendars I give away and  I saw them laying on the table.  I then got distracted and began to make these little cards to fit inside!

Just like the envelopes, they are simple, small, and sweet!  

I hope the recipients can feel the love that went into them as they were made!  I probably should have waited until after Christmas to share this idea, as I plan to give them in “little packets” of 5 to friends as gifts!  Oh well!

Did I mention I love to send and receive cards!?  I hope these little brown envelopes spread much joy from my house, to my friends, to whomever they choose to share them with!

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