Grazing Cattle

Grazing cattle on a wheat field/crop is another option to assist in the expense of feeding cattle.  First, they built a temporary electric fence around the field.  Below you can see the teamwork in action!
I just love the “Camo Hat Team” ! 🙂


You are probably wondering how they can eat and graze on the wheat and we still have a wheat crop come next summer.  The wheat’s growing point is below ground currently, similar to grass, so the cattle eating the “green wheat”, above ground doesn’t harm the plant. 

When the temperature gets below a certain point, the wheat goes into dormancy, and no longer grows for the winter. When it warms back up, during the spring, the wheat comes out of dormancy and begins to grow once again.  When the growing point gets above ground, the farmer has to be sure to not graze cattle any longer.  If they graze, it will damage the crop.

On a daily basis they take the cattle to the field to graze and then late afternoon bring them back into the pen for the night. Yesterday PV and I assisted in bringing in the cattle. 

Here are a few photos of our experience!

I love this picture! Trusty dog & Owner!

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2 thoughts on “Grazing Cattle

  1. I'm sure PV is a great fence builder! Camden enjoys this job too. The only difference is our cows are eating corn stalks instead of wheat right now. Camden takes a fence post and walks and counts off the steps to where the next one goes then hands it to Jeff to pound it in. Camden has to step off about 30 steps to his dad's 15 or so. Brynn and I drive the 4wheeler with Jeff's homemade fencing trailer alongside for when they need more posts, wire or insulators. We make quite an efficient team (usually LOL)and we have fun helping daddy.


  2. Jill,Thanks for sharing this with me/us! Sounds like a great family time to me! 🙂 Have I told you how glad I am that our kids are the same age & that they have similar farm lifestyles! 🙂 I think it will be great watching them grow up together! Thanks for stopping by!


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