Just Because

I am writing this blog today……..

Because I am home with a sick child and she is now out of bed & chose Diego over having deep conversations with her Mommy! (I know!  What is she thinking!)

Because the past couple weeks have been stressful for me and I just want a release and this is better than a mindless tv show! (That is one thing I do when I want to not use my brain, watch shows that are just nonsense!)

Because I wanted to connect with my readers!

Because I am waiting on the doctor to call me back!

Because I didn’t want to think about the “to do” list that is waiting for me on the kitchen counter!

Because I couldn’t make “goodies” with my other girls due to our little one being ill! 😦 
Maybe Monday!

Because I already dusted the house and really don’t want to vacuum!

Because I do not want to go through another course for half a day to get the ONE credit hour I am lacking to renew my insurance license (I am going to wait till Monday when I am less tired!) Did I mention I have a sick kid & I was up with her alot last night! Yep , I am looking for pity! 

Because I wanted to tell you that my dear husband almost has the “surprise” completed & I will be blogging about it soon! Remember, I mentioned it here! (yes I am still excited!)

Because Pinterest isn’t calling my name currently.

Because the washer & dryer aren’t done yet!

Because I wanted to let you know that this weekend we are starting our Christmas Family gatherings (so I ask for prayers for healing in our home & that MV & I do not catch it! Thank you ahead of time!)

Because after this weekend I am going to share about a couple Christmas gifts we are giving and I am pretty stoked about them!

Because I had a lovely time last night at my church’s LWML Christmas gathering and I know a couple of them read my blog & I wanted to say I am REALLY enjoying getting to know you two! We should hang out more often! I love the others as well, but I was sitting by these two and we giggled alot! Giggles are good! 🙂

Because I wanted to wish you all a Happy Wednesday!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 


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