I have a Nativity that I have had for over 10 years. When I get it out each year, the “grass” inside the manager goes everywhere, there’s always alittle less with each passing year.  A few of the pieces have been glued back together as it hasn’t been handled with delicacy obviously.  But to me it is a beautiful scene, even with the cracks and missing pieces. It’s a reminder of the FIRST season and all the days thereafter and what was provided for us!

This year I got the Nativity out and placed it in it’s spot for the year, but didn’t stop at that moment to “set up” the scene.  Later that evening as I was organizing other Christmas items, I could hear a little girl’s voice and the clatter of porcelain figures hitting one another. I didn’t go running, but instead stopped to listen.  To listen to my daughter as she played with the Nativity.  I eventually stepped around the corner to watch, not saying a word.  She spent 40 minutes playing with it that night.

I noticed later that evening this is how she “setup” the Nativity scene.

I left it that way, I figured if my 4 year old took the time to set it up and liked it, so did I. 

Today I found her once again playing with it.  She changed it around a few times.  

I think they were really excited to see Baby Jesus! They are SO close! 

Here they decided to give Baby Jesus some breathing space!

(Oh by the way, the knob, she says it is the Star! 🙂 

This is how it is now, in our home, until the next time she decides to play with it that is.  

Hearing the clatter of 
porcelain in my home doesn’t make me go crazy, maybe 10 years ago it did, but now it brings warmth to my heart and a smile to my face.  Because my daughter knows the story of the Nativity, and that makes me proud.

Besides, we own lots of super glue!  


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3 thoughts on “Nativity

  1. I can't imagine that very first Chrismas that the shepherds would have been politely standing to the side. I think the crowded around look makes a whole lot more sense. I would have crowded…can't wait to on Easter 2! Lovely post!


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