Holiday Kitchen Memories – 2 (2012)

I don’t think that I have mentioned how much I love the candy Rolo’s.  Seriously, if they are near I probably could eat an entire bag.  Which obviously isn’t the best choice! So when I found this recipe on Pinterest, I should have absolutely NOT pinned it! But I did…..

Rolo Turtles – they are just lovely little creatures!  You can see the entire post here for step by step instructions. 

On a side note, (I don’t know this blogger personally but) I absolutely think her blog is lovely.  The vibrant colors and simplicity of her layout! Lovely to my eyes, but you didn’t come here to hear me rant about her blog!

Here are the ingredients!

This recipe is both simple & tasty!  You will want to be sure to put it in your list of recipes to try. In fact, I think I am going to coerce personally recommend for Heather to use it at next years open house! 🙂  It’s alittle late this year, I won’t put that kind of pressure on a pal!

Here are the pretzels- all lined up neatly in a row!  They remind me of military guys in formation!

Here they have their little hats on ready for the oven!

Pecan smooshing accomplished – time to cool!

I actually put mine on my patio table on our covered deck to cool. I was short on space in my frig and in Kansas it was chilly, so I used the resources I had! 

Also, in the original recipe she advises to use the rolls of Rolo’s, I wanted to make alot and save money, so I bought the individually wrapped. It did take a bit longer  and a helper would have been nice but my little girl was sick that day. So it was up to me!

Here’s my pile of Rolo foil for proof!   Festive isn’t it! 

I hope you enjoy your holiday season & let me know if you try these!

Thanks for stopping by!


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