What’s It Like?

I was asked this simple question this week by a lovely lady during our bible study.  It’s a simple question, but I stumbled as I gave her an answer as I wasn’t expecting to be asked that.  My answer was pretty simple, but after pondering it a few days, I come to find that my answer is so much more.  So hence… a blog post!   
You are probably wondering what “it” is, right?  Well, you might recall from this post that I spoke of my faith and how I didn’t come to know Christ until early in my adult life.  The lady that asked me the question, and pretty much everyone else in the room (as far as I know) was raised in a faith based home from birth. So she was asking me what it was like since I was not.   
That’s the word I kept repeating.  
Accepting Jesus as my Savior has brought me a great deal of peace, but so much more as well. I’ve listed a few below.
  • That part of me I felt “missing” from a young age, it’s no longer there.
  • My emotions are often heightened more now than before when worshiping and I understand what communion really means and it is more meaningful.
  • I am less nervous when the subject of religion comes up in a discussion. 
  • I no longer feel lonely in my daily life.
  • Although he was always with me in my life, he has recently aided me in healing some dark parts of it. I really do not believe I could have done that without coming to know HIM.
  • Prayer is daily and often.
  • When I see someone, I try to push past the “hardness” they might be presenting, and welcome them in, when before I may not have made that kind of effort.
  • Everything seems easier to endure, even the extreme struggles, because I know, he will care for me and my family.
  • His word has taught me how to be a better wife and mother, absolutely no doubt! (still a work in progress of course!)
  • That although at times, I think a path is what I want and best for me, I soon come to realize I am incorrect. Because HE takes me somewhere else! (In particular, two of His choices for me, I have to say, have been the best ones of my entire life. Ones that I absolutely did not plan on!)
  • That bringing a smile to someone else’s day, with or without their knowledge you aided in the event, is SO much more satisfying to my soul!
  • I have learned that HIS love for me, is a GIFT.  I did nothing to deserve it.
The last one, I truly did not comprehend or believe (per say), until this past year.  There is so much more to learn and become, I now welcome God’s challenges and joyous journey’s into my life.  For I know, I am not alone. Not only is HE with me,  but many of HIS lovely people to aide me in this path HE has chosen.
I thank you for allowing me to express my love of Christ and for stopping by my “little blog”.  May your day be filled with grace, peace, and mercy!

2 thoughts on “What’s It Like?

  1. Terrific post Julie! It has always seemed like God was a given for me. I don't have a time before Him, nor do I want a time after. Reading along as you share this though makes me value all the more the gift, not just of His love, but of KNOWING His love for me.


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