Children’s Books

PV received a couple new books for Christmas.  When we started reading the two of them we didn’t realize the correlation but have found it to be quite enjoyable to read both each evening!

She found this book in her stocking! It’s from the Magic Tree House series and she has always liked Lions! This is the first time we have read a book from this series.  As you can tell from the cover the siblings have found their way to Africa!

PV received this book from her sister Kassidy and husband Matthew!  They found it for her at the San Diego Zoo!  It is SO cool! It is about exotic  Africa and some of the animals that live there!

Each page gives details about the animal and then has a wonderful part for the child to play with!

Although we have not completed either book, I would recommend them!  Wouldn’t it be great to go on an African Safari! To view the beautiful animals in their own element!  That’s one of our familydreams!

I would love to have any recommendations for books for a child of PV’s age (4 almost 5). We love to read together!

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Children’s Books

  1. The Magic Tree House series is what hooked my oldest son on reading when he was in 2nd grade. We love them…I love them. If your school has a scholastic book fair they usually have a good deal on a big package of them.


  2. Thanks! 🙂 We are all enjoying them since PV can't read yet! Last night Milton missed hearing a couple chapters and asked about it later! I told him to read it! 🙂 LOL so he did!


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