Farm Wife

I have often pondered the question, “why am I a farmer’s wife, when out of 4 children, I was the one that spent the LEAST amount of time on the farm growing up?” I’ve decided God was being funny when he placed me with Milton and this lifestyle.  God has humor you know! 

I am going to be honest, in this family, Milton is the farmer.  I would classify myself the “wanna be farmer” of the relationship.  🙂  Part of my childhood was spent living at a cattle feedlot and on a farm, watching my mother work harder than any man I knew.  She would clean feedbunks, slop feed to the pigs, run the tractor, load the feedtrucks, and much more all while raising 4 children.  So now that I am placed in this farming operation lifestyle, I sometimes feel “less than worthy” as a farm wife.

You might be surprised or maybe not, to find out that I can’t even drive a tractor, or a grain truck, or a combine. It is still out for debate if that is a good or bad thing, but admitting it on this blog, I feel is risky, since I blog about farming.   My resource though (Milton) is better at communicating about farming, then anything else on this earth.  Well, maybe construction stuff is right up there too! 🙂  So the information is accurate, it’s more about my ability to be the best farmwife I can be.

I started this blog as part of my farm wife duties, to share the story of our agriculture experience. The simplicity yet complex lifestyle, agriculture education, and how lucky we are to be farmers.  In my time as a blogger, I have come to find some interesting and very informative blogs about agriculture.  Which has grown my knowledge, made me appreciate my husband more, get excited about options, and meeting new people online. I am thankful I have seen other Farm wives share the story of agriculture in their neck of the woods! Some are active farmers beside their husbands, others are more “helpers in times of need”, and others work outside the home. But no matter the description, they’re partners.  Farmer and Farm wife, living this life together.

There are days I wish I could just follow Milton around, because it inspires me to write. Unfortunately, I work a full time job outside the home (ironically I deal with farmers daily, as it’s in the insurance business for Farm Bureau).  So I can totally relate when one of them comes in talking about the price of fertilizer, insurance, breakdowns, the need for moisture, and when they give me a value/cost of a piece of equipment I don’t fall out of my chair in astonishment.  

The reason I don’t, is because I’m a Farm Wife.

When I walk down the grocery store aisle, and see a loaf of bread it makes me recall, farmers provided what it took to create it.  I am thankful.

The reason – I’m a  Farm Wife.

When I am driving down the road, and come upon a combine or tractor traveling at a slow speed, I (usually) don’t get angry at their slowness.

The reason  – I’m a Farm Wife.

When I see calves with their mothers, it brings back a wonderful feeling of my childhood and I appreciate the beauty in that moment.

The reason –  I’m a Farm Wife.

When it rains and sleets in the winter, and I have to drive in it to my job, I try not to get angry about the hazardous weather this year, the drought has been hard on the crops.

The reason I don’t get angry  – I’m a Farm Wife.

When I see my father in law in the early darkness of the morning, running the tractor to load feed for the cattle, I know he is doing it, because he loves this life. He wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

The reason I know this – I’m a Farm Wife.

When I sit down at my dinner table and have a meal on my table that includes beef, I know that it comes from “our farm”.  But even more, when I sit down and the meal includes pork or chicken, I appreciate the farmer that produced it for my table.
The reason – I’m a Farm Wife.

In the hectic season of harvest, when I am missing my husband, when our energy is down, and our nights are long, I try very hard to remember that this crop, being harvested is what in fact, will put food not only on my table but others, pay the bills, and give my husband an opportunity to continue a legacy. 

The reason I know this – I’m a Farm Wife.

These are only a few things, that because I have been placed in this farming lifestyle, it’s perhaps easier for me to appreciate them and have a daily reminder.  

The hard work, long days, high expenses of farming, and low grain prices at times are alittle overwhelming, I will admit.  But seeing in my husband’s eyes, the satisfaction of raising a crop or excitement in planting one, or watching and hearing him explain farming to our little girl, makes me remember why I love being HIS Farm Wife.

So I guess on those days that I am feeling “less than worthy” as a farm wife.  I should just remember that God placed me here for a reason, and maybe it was just to do farm paperwork, cook a good meal, and hug that farmer when he comes in after a long day.

I think that is reason enough. 
Thanks for stopping by and letting me work through this little hiccup of life through words! 

7 thoughts on “Farm Wife

  1. Ladies!Thank you all SO much for commenting! It made my day so much better! Nicole you explain thing great! Jill, THANK GOODNESS I am not the only one! Heather! Thanks for the kind words!Julie


  2. Beautifully written, blogstalking you this afternoon, in between everything else. I will be back soon! Go check out mine when you get time. (while I help my Farmer, I still need lessons on a regular basis on how to do lots of stuff, I think we women just hold to much other information in our brains, and its hard to recall it all) 🙂


  3. Have to admit I'm useless at tractor driving and rarely do it – terrible at reversing and spatial awareness. 😉 I think the best thing is not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy what you do well.


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