Working an Alfalfa Field

There was alittle action on the farm today!  
Milton decided to work an alfalfa field this afternoon, 
but first he had to wait on RV to finish using the tractor. 
 He was cleaning the cattle lot to “reuse” the cow manure on the fields. 
PV is watching Grandpa work, apparently the smell didn’t bother her a bit!
My grandfather used to say it was “the smell of money”, 
keep in mind this was a man that owned a cattle feed yard.
She loves playing at the cattle pens! She has little fear of the cattle!
That’s our farmgirl!
Time to get back to heading to the Alfalfa field! 
First we have to hook the tractor up to a springtooth.
Milton’s handy assistant is here to help!
Milton & PV are hooking the hydraulics up.
Hydraulics run a cylinder on the equipment to raise it up and down.
There is a lever inside the tractor to do this.
The red object is the cylinder that Milton is hooking up here.
The reason that Milton is working the alfalfa field today is because the past two years
of drought have caused huge cracks in the field and it is “rough”.  
He is trying to level it out and fill them in.
Two generations of farmers discussing things!
On a funny sidenote, if you happen to have read this post
you will know I (Julie) do not know how to operate a tractor.  
Milton apparently thought it would be humorous after reading my last post 
to get me alittle closer to learning!
He had me jump in and  run the hydraulic lever 
while he hooked up the springtooth! 
So of course I had to document my “big” accomplishment! 🙂
Thanks for stopping by the farm today!

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