Facebook & A Giveaway

Yep, we did it!  We took the plunge and now have a Facebook Page
 Trust me when I say, Milton and I discussed and prayed on it for sometime.  
We are excited and nervous at the same time, but at this point it feels like a good move for us!  We hope to spread the word of agriculture and share some hospitality!  

To mark the occasion, we have decided to have a giveway!  
One of the items is this cookbook. 

Let me give you a little background on it.  It’s my favorite cookbook, I am not sharing a picture of my own copy, because it’s not exactly pretty anymore.  
You know, dried food splatters, wrinkled pages from use, etc.  
It’s a well used cookbook, and isn’t that the way cookbooks should be?

I received my copy from a co-worker a few years ago. It’s a collaboration of recipes from the author and other people and she did a great job on the book and is a fabulous cook herself from what I hear! When I decided I wanted to get more copies, the local store that sells them didn’t have any more and it wasn’t in print any longer. So I gave up on my quest there. Until the holidays this year!  Lucky for me, I am familiar with the author and I decided to contact her via FACEBOOK. I was very happy to find out that she had put more in print and the local store had copies!  I made a mad dash for that store the following week!  I bought copies for my 3 daughters, myself, and one to giveaway here!

It’s one of those cookbooks you just go back to when you need something yummy!  Whether it’s for a family gathering, a church potluck, or friends over for dinner! She does have a 2nd cookbook out, and I have it as well. But this is my favorite!
 Perhaps we will do another giveaway later for that one… you never can tell! 🙂

Here is the entire gift!

A Cookbook and Two Homemade Jams 

(Jam made by Milton & myself!)

To be entered in the giveaway, all you have to do is LIKE our Facebook page!
Drawing will be held on February 3rd at 7:00 pm Central time!

Thanks for stopping by!

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