10 dates in 2013! Celebrating Milestones!

This year marks a milestone for Milton and I.  We will be married 10 years in April.  To some that may not be a large milestone but to us, it is. It’s a journey that we are so glad we have taken together.  It is has been a journey of ups and downs, peaks and valleys, distance and closeness.  In this post, it is my/our own opinion and I write it in hopes that the newly married, or even perhaps the mid-married, or the distance runner’s of marriage are inspired.  Honestly, if I post it, it holds me accountable and I want to grow my marriage to be a distance runner! 🙂 
You might recall in this post that I talked about nourishing marriage.  Well this past weekend, Milton & I did just that.  This weekend was a kind of “beginning of dates” kickoff for us.

10 dates in 2013!

 This trip was planned by Milton himself, which isn’t the “norm” for our family!
But know this, IT WAS one of the best times I have had!

Here are a few highlights from the trip!
There was food (OF COURSE)! Which included a really delicious Italian meal at Zios, a great steak at The Cattlemen’s Cafe, and
The Melting Pot was a new experience.
Your meal is all fondue!
Dessert was the BEST!
We made a trip to the area known as Stockyard City.  Did alittle shopping, ate lunch at Cattlemen’s Cafe, which took me back to memories of my Grandpa Pete, and then we drove around the stockyards.
We headed over to the area called Bricktown.  
Most of our time here was spent just walking around, 
taking a boat ride on the man made canal, 
and lucky for us we found a candy store that had our favorite candy.
 Chocolate Gummybears!

We also visited Myriad Botanical Garden.
 It had several beautiful flowers and plants.

Sure, there were lots of other sights we could have filled our time with, but
this weekend was purely about connecting, talking, and enjoying 
the time that was given to us.It was a time to relax, revitalize, 
and throw in some romance by all means! 🙂
Our commitment to one another will be strengthened this year.
It is a promise we have both made to one another.
Oh sure, there will be struggles, and angry moments, but we believe since we
take the time for one another now, we can get through those when they occur.
And believe me, they will pop up!
One of the best things we did on this weekend was just to talk.
Just connect, visit, and discover new things about one another and our marriage.
Many things have changed in ten years, but one of the most important things, to both of us, is to be a good example to our daughters. 
So if that means taking a weekend or an evening away  to ourselves,
then we will, to replenish!
Milton and I spent our Sunday morning worshiping together in a church 
we had never stepped foot in before.
It was of our denomination.  It was different, yet the same.  
I plan to write a post of what came from this experience soon.  So stay tuned!
Our weekend included a few more things, and I can honestly say
 even the car rides there and back were a wonderful time to bond.
The advice I mentioned in the beginning of my post, plainly put, 
spend time, quality time with your spouse.
(No matter how long or short of a time you have been together.)

Whether its a weekend away, or a stolen 15 minutes before the kids get up,
or a sack lunch of bologna sandwiches in the back 40.
Take the time to listen and visit with them.
Cause in the long run, it benefits everyone in the home.
Thanks for stopping by our blog!
Julie & Milton

3 thoughts on “10 dates in 2013! Celebrating Milestones!

  1. Ok, you had me at the Melting Pot. That place is incredible! I am intriqued by your teaser about the church you attended…my brother-in-law did his vicarage in the Oklahoma City area. And, spending time away with your spouse…check.Beautiful post Julie!


  2. Heather,Thanks for commenting! It's funny about the church & your brother in law, we attended Holy Trinity in Edmund, Ok. The vicar gave the sermon, his last name is same as yours. Is your brother in law still there?


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