The Same Yet Different

As you can tell from the 10 dates in 2013 post, Milton and I traveled out of town this past weekend.  We decided we wanted to worship on Sunday morning, and we began searching for a church of our denomination.  We found a couple and decided to make our way to Edmund, Oklahoma to worship! 

As I have explained before, Milton was born and raised in our present church and hasn’t attended many others to worship.  In my life, I have only attended different churches when I was on a mission trip or participating in a youth group event, other than the one I belonged to at the time.  So this was a somewhat “new” experience for both of us.

I want to note here, that I have come to love it when we are given the opportunity to do something together that neither one of us has any experience with! It makes us depend on one another more, I highly recommend it, and you can read about a special one here! This past Sunday was the same way for us!

I am not comparing the church to ours, but I wanted to give you a “picture” of what our home church and this church are like.  Our country church is a beautiful, simple, wood ceiling (my favorite part in the sanctuary), concrete block walls, and the pews hold about 5 people in each.  The word I would use to describe our sanctuary is it has character.

The one we attended this past Sunday, was a large building with a large congregation, and a school to boot! 🙂 They have 3 traditional services and 1 contemporary, as we parked the car, we were both a little nervous, but knew we wanted to attend.  Excited and nervous at the same time!

We had to wait for the service before the one we would attend to get out, and then we found a cozy seat for 2! Ok, maybe it was really a pew for 15, but we stayed pretty close to one another so to us it was a “seat for 2”!

As I looked around the sanctuary I found things that seemed just lovely to me, very eye catching and meaningful in presentation, and modern looking.  As we reviewed the bulletin to see what their views were on communion, I was happy to see we would be able to take the sacraments on this day.   Thank goodness we sat in the back, this gave us ample opportunity to see how “they did it”.  They kneel, where at our home church we do not.  

We were blessed to get to see a new baby become a Child of God by baptism , and it took us back to the day our daughter was baptized.  We were able to sing new songs and songs we had heard before.  We were able to say our usual liturgy and be with alot of people rejoicing in our Father.

It was like being at home, yet in a different place all at once.  There were familiarities, yet small differences.  Gathering to worship the Lord was the main goal of the day.  To be replenished in the faith that we both believe in.  To know that no matter where we are in life, HE is there with us. 

So if you happen to be traveling in the Edmund, Oklahoma area, drop by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.  They are pretty nice people and I am SURE there will be room for you in the pew! 🙂

I will be sharing one more post about how this churches evangelism, brought a surprise to me from my husband’s actions! Stay tuned!

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