Kindness Going Around!

Have you ever received an act of kindness from someone when you were bluer than blue, or deep in a funk, or grasping to hang on?  Well I have and it made me feel quite loved and reassured me that this blogging gig, I should continue (at least for now).

  A couple months ago, I was stressing out about this very blog.  Unsure if I should continue it, unsure if I was writing things that mattered, or that people found interesting, or if I offend anyone with my expression of my faith.
  I recall, when I was discussing it with my husband, these words came from my mouth without me even thinking.

“I don’t know that I have anything to offer to anyone.”

Meaning, am I just rambling to hear (or read) my own words, grasping for attention, or putting my personal life on display as alot of society has come to that?  
I want my blog to inspire, help, educate, and connect with people.  I’ve received the connection part with finding new friends that blog and farm, I’ve been told that a few people are learning from my blog about farming, and now via two very kind people, they shared how I helped and brought joy to them.

One of the acts of kindness was commented on our Facebook page.

Thank you, I enjoy your writings and the other links you you go too. Thank you !!

The other was received via the US Postal Service.
(I absolutely LOVE getting the mail, not kidding!)

I am thankful for these little hugs from friends!
They brought a smile to my face (for more than just a second)
Warmness in my heart, and made me want to continue sharing our life, 
and to extend KINDNESS to another.
 I too shall pass on some kindness this week!

How about you?? Up for the challenge?
Thanks for stopping by!

PS: I am a guest blogger once again this coming Friday
 (15th) at Dandelion’s Picked bible study!
Guess what the topic is – KINDNESS!
The Kindness of Abigail!
Go Figure!

2 thoughts on “Kindness Going Around!

  1. This is exactly what I have been feeling like with my blog. I read all these blogs that are either so inspirational or are interesting and I feel like mine is boring and no one cares. It just makes my day when someone coments on a post. What i was telling another Blogger don't quit posting or be afraid to post a post just because you think no one is reading because you never know who you could inspire who is just to shy to comment. This post made my day because it's exactly what I've been going through with my blog. It's always nice to know someone somewhere is going through the same things. Keep up the awesome work on your blog! Erin 🙂


  2. Erin,Thank you so much for commenting. Yours is lovely and I think we have to remember that we are writing for many reasons, and no two people are alike. A good friend told me after I started blogging because I was kinda flippin out about it, and she said the following. \”Some will like it and some will not, but you will never know probably, it's good, just write.\” Your blog is lovely and I wish you many happy posts ahead!Julie


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