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VVDDP – 2019 #2

As usual the evening turned out better than we anticipated and ended with us having headaches from laughing so much and more wrinkles from smiling all evening!  Just how you want a gathering to go! Our guests participated by bringing some of the food and also completing their video assignments!  They are such good sports… Continue reading VVDDP – 2019 #2

2018 · Entertaining Kitchen · VVDDP

VVDDP – 2018 Edition- Food, Fun, & Friends

These people made me laugh long before the actual dinner party.  If you want to see why, later in the post there is a link to post number two of VVDDP - 2018.   The games started earlier than our night of fun! This post brings to light the food we ate, the games we played,… Continue reading VVDDP – 2018 Edition- Food, Fun, & Friends